Photos from the highest peak in Bulgaria

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Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to climb the highest peak in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula (Musala, 2925 meters). It was an amazing experience where I was also able to capture some nice photos which I hope you will like. The Rila Mountains are a great place to be and even a greater place to take pictures. The day was great for climbing but it wasn’t that great for shooting. However, I vowed that I will return at more proper times for landscape photography. Without further ado, here are the best photos of the trip.

Panorama of the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria
Once my wife and I got off the Gondola, we were welcomed by this breathtaking view. As you can see, it was pretty exciting. Only a panorama shot could capture the vastness of the landscape.
This is the path to the peak. I really like how this photo turned out, after some post-processing magic, of course. This was not a photo trip but I managed to capture all the details and process the photo at home. It’s amazing how you could see suitable compositions almost at every step.
The highest view you can get on the Balkan Peninsula. A look at the 4th highest peak from the 1st.





On the way back, I took my favorite shot of the trip, which I certainly think that will go into my portfolio. This is an example of a photo which works much better in black and white. I did not have my tripod with me, nor did I have a ND filter to blur the lake and the clouds. So, I placed the camera on a nearby rock and shot 10 consecutive shots, which I later stacked into Photoshop. Apart from the technical stuff, the beauty of the textures really shines without color. This is a photo which I seriously consider to hang on my wall at home.



So, here they are. Just 5 photos but the purpose of the trip was to climb the peak, not to take photos. Feel free to browse my landscape photos portfolio, either in color or in black and white for more pictures. Or take a look at my blog where there are several other adventures.

Finally, if you ask me how climbing the mountain felt, I feel that a photo will illustrate this much better than words.